An Extra Fun Week in Sign Language and Environmental Science

Jessica Torres is a Middlesex Community College student completing a Human Services internship here at Green Street this semester as a teaching assistant in our Discovery AfterSchool Program. She will be making several blog posts and reflections during her time here for an inside look at our AfterSchool classes.

By: Jessica Torres

This week, I noticed that the group of children I am with had a really great time in their classes. They showed a great deal of ownership in the projects and activities.

In Sign Language, the children had to spell out their name in sign on their own. Two students in particular, Ariana and Jesaidy, were so happy because they had been practicing at home and we’re excited to show the rest of the class they could do it. After this activity, we started practicing how to use sign language to sing a song we will be performing soon. The idea of our first performance makes for a good goal the students are looking forward to and inspires even more at home practice.

In Environmental Science, Miss Katy came up with a game to learn what types of animals are omnivores, herbivores and carnivores. First, the children had to pick the name of an animal from a bucket and act the animal out so that their friends could guess what type of animal it was. Second, Miss Katy set up different stations – one had meat, one had plants, and one had fruit. The children had to decide what animal belonged in which station. The animals included giraffes, and pandas, and bears, oh my! They all were excited for this game because they got to move around the room and work with their friends.

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