Mathematics Internship Opportunity

Green Street is looking for a Wesleyan Student with strong content understanding of mathematics and an interest in education. The Intel Math Internship is 8 weeks (June 26 – August 18, 2017) and full time (40 hours a week). The pay is $4,000 for the full internship.

Intel Math is an intense math course for K-8 teachers. The Intel Math Intern will assist with an Intel Math course this summer (July 10 – 21) and then use that experience along with guided research to develop classroom materials for teachers. These materials will be posted on a State website for broad access.

This is the general overview of the Intel Math Internship — regular check ins with Intel Math instructors and Green Street team are required. Much of the work, outside assisting with the Intel Math course, can be done independently. We can offer space at Green Street or the Intern can work within the common spaces in the Exley Science Center.

Week 1:    Overview of a) Intel Math content, b) Common Core Mathematics Standards and Practices,

  1. c)  State-vetted mathematics lesson plans and classroom activities website.
  • Get familiar with Common Core Practices and “cluster” focus areas for each grade level of Common Core Standards
  • Get familiar with the State e-Quip rubric for mathematics classroom materials
  • Research existing classroom activities and lesson plans available via the State for examples of what makes a rigorous activity

Weeks 2-3:    Assist with Intel Math course with guidance from instructors Leidy and Keazer.

Interact with teachers in course to get familiar with their needs in the classroom.

Weeks 4-5:    Research materials for Intel Math topics of interest (TBD) that can be vetted for use

on the State website using the State rubric as a guide.

Weeks 6-8:    Developing a set of lesson plans and classroom activities for teachers in Intel Math topics

areas of interest (TBD)

  • Include clear connections to Common Core Standards (“clusters”), Common Core Practices, and appropriate grade levels
  • Include something on the topic for each grade level K-8 even if it is simply how it relates to the progression of content (for example – you’re not teaching fractions in kindergarten but you are setting a foundation for fractions in higher grades)
  • Include a student work analysis for targeted grade levels

Intern must be reliable, self-directed, and have regular internet access to complete independent research. Intern should have strong math skills and an interest in education; experience with K-8 students is preferred. Interested Wesleyan students should email the following to Green Street Director, Sara MacSorley (, by May 1, 2017:

1) cover letter expressing interest and explaining why this internship would be a good fit,

specifically  listing the last mathematics course taken in college

2) a resume

3) contact information for a Wesleyan professor who has agreed to be a reference and can speak   directly about the candidate’s mathematical ability

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