“Memory and Harbinger” Exhibit by Kathi Packer

A Stand of Acacia_Oil on Panel_30x30inches Since 2008, Kathi’s work has focused almost exclusively on images of wildlife that she photographed while in Africa. After many years of painting the figure in situations that explored the human imprint on nature, Kathi turned to animal imagery to tell this compelling story from a different perspective. Each encounter with nature gave Kathi an untold appreciation for the interdependence of species.

Wildlife, especially large mammals, is endlessly fascinating to observe. Drawing and painting from photography has allowed Kathi the emotional distance that she needed to escape verisimilitude. When facts recede into the background, her memory, imagination and pictorial concerns take precedence.

Migration No.2_Oil on Panel_30x30inchesKathi is reminded of Cezanne’s statement that “all systems are artificial” and an artist “deals with the tension between what is seen and the constructions made of it”. Kathi uses color, composition and space to create an effect of nature and what is experienced, not a copy of it.

Packer’s exhibit, Memory and Harbinger will be on display from September 3rd-23rd with an opening reception on Thursday, September 3rd from 5-8:00p.m.

The Green Street Center for Teaching and Learning is located at 51 Green Street, Middletown, CT.

The gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9a.m.-3p.m.

In addition, Green Street will be hosting an artist talk on Monday, September 21st from 12-1pm featuring Kathi Packer.

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